About Us

“A creative laboratory of ideas and crossroads of cultures”


An ambitious dream that links together the peculiarities of Italian culture with foreign experiences for a better respond to the needs of an international clientele. An entity of production whose partners contribute synergistically to the development of package of products and its distribution through an international network.

“Italian Design”

Our design bases on the innate aesthetic sense of beauty of the Italian people. A value that combines originality, functionality, simplicity of the lines, colors and materials. Value translated into a work culture driven by a “hands-on philosophy” and “know how excellence” bringing Italian products to become world renowned.


To export an Italian successful model is the aim of our company. Culture and passion behind the product at the base of a background of great respect in office furniture manufacture.

“Joining forces to increase competitiveness”

More international experiences made available to increase the individual knowledge for the benefit of the customer: Italian Design, production quality, international marketing.

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